Changes to the Ring of Judgment Manga


Hello, everyone! I know it’s been awhile!

There are some changes being made to the Ring of Judgment manga, specifically that it’s being folded into the Translation Tuesday article series on Endless History. They’re not going to be straight 1:1 ‘move overs’ with it; these are actual re-edits. I’m touching up the translations, making them more solid, and making the visual editing cleaner and with licensed fonts, due to future planning on my end.

As I update chapters into the Translation Tuesday series, the corresponding chapter will be removed from here and the link will changed to send you to Endless History instead.

As always, please remember to not upload these to aggregators- especially the newer chapters as they go up. Aggregators will not have the licensing for the fonts that I paid a lot of money to use for Endless History and anything related to it.

It’s Been Awhile…

I know it’s been awhile since there have been any updates. I just wanted to make a note that the site had a major update on the back end to fix some issues it had. This included fixing the downloader that had broken and started throwing errors left and right.

I’ve also updated both wordpress and the theme itself. As a result, there are a lot of other little things on the back end.

If you run into any issues, please let me know. I’ll be sure to get it fixed.

As for the issue, the main site I work on has eaten my life, as well as another web project that’s been in my lap. Once I’m able to sit down and go over the other two chapters of the Ring of Judgment manga, I’ll get them done and edited.

Ohnoez! Hacked?!

Not entirely. It looks like an exploit got used on the site that gained a bot or something access and compromised my site.

End result, I’ve been doing some cleanup on it, with the help of my admin with (Seriously, James there is *awesome*.)

In the process, I nuked a WHOLE BUNCH of user accounts. I tried to not nuke any that weren’t bots or not, but since I did a mass sweep, I may have caught your account in the system. Account creation should still be good, as well.

To my knowledge, the database wasn’t compromised, just an admin account, and we don’t have the power to see your passwords. So you’re all good.

The Legend of Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story – The Ring of Judgment Chapter 4


Somehow, I managed to pull out three updates in as many days. Wow.

This one in particular has some pages that were a little less literal, and some that are definitely literal translations. The purpose of this is because of the need to try and make some sentences flow better than others.

Also, there is a MAJOR Sora no Kiseki SC spoiler in this chapter. Please keep that in mind.

And if you’ve ever wanted to see Ein Selnert in all of her amazing glory, here’s one chapter for it.

With this, this marks the end of the series. Or does it?

…okay, technically, not. There are still two chapters that were released specifically in the tankouban. These aren’t already translated and may take a little more time than the past few. (I had the translated scripts from Shram for these on hand already.) There was also a bonus set of two pages under the dust jacket, so they need to be translated as well- even if they’re easy enough.

Anyhow, the two additional chapters are more or less a prologue and an epilogue. They aren’t as 100% necessary for the plot, but they do provide some more background and character development. They have Estelle and Joshua getting the job in the prologue, and more amazing Ein and Toval hilarity in the epilogue, as it focused on them with Kai and Tilia.

Anyhow. Please enjoy the “official” final chapter of The Ring of Judgment, and I will try to get those other two chapters out in a (much more) timely manner.

Thanks so much for your patience!

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Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story The Ring of Judgment Chapter 3


Two updates in as many days? Shocking??

This particular chapter was a little harder than the previous ones. I had some minor quirks with the script, and some new fonts that had to be found and installed. All in all, the end result, I think, is pretty good. I had to take a few liberties to make some of the dialogue make sense, and some of the old English is probably not correct.

I’m not an expert at that. Blah.

I hope you enjoy it. The rule is as always, please make sure you download it from my site and not use manga aggregators for it. I’d prefer that other sites do not profit with their ad revenue from the hard work that Shram and I put into this.


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I Think I’ll Just Leave This Here… (What?! An Update? A REAL Update?!)


Sssh. You didn’t see anything at all. And most importantly, you don’t see the download link below.

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I seriously may be breaking the layout. If I do, bear with me, as I won’t be able to fully get it running until tonight or tomorrow.

Wow. I sure did break it. Now I need to find my header images. Oops.

The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Prestory Ring of Judgement Manga

So. As I’m getting back to work on things, one of the first things I delved into is finishing the Ring of Judgement manga. I now have the tankouban, though, which actually has two additional chapters in it. So I spent some time crying today as I had to mess with the spine in order to scan the prologue. We will get to work on it soon, I promise.

There’s also been some interesting developments in the way of hacker stuff. I got a very promising response, and now that I’m done with my crazy as heck workweek, I’ll probably be able to get into this in more detail. I’ll be sending an email out this weekend at some point.

So for now, have an image from the tankouban. :D

Breathing Life Into This Team

I am in the later stages of settling down after moving. I now have my degree. I have a stable job with no overtime. This means good things. I’ve been prodding at Alerith, who is on summer vacation at the moment. Then I’ve started the process of finding a new hacker for our Gagharv Trilogy project. Hopefully, we can pick back up and get back to work.

I have just provided raws for the Loewe Gaiden to Alerith, and I’ve got all the scripts for the Zero no Kiseki prestory manga. I’ll be pulling out my scanner tonight to make some promised scans for While I do so, I’ll scan the additional scenes to the Zero no Kiseki prestory manga (there was a new prologue and epilogue added to the tankouban), and the first chapter of the actual Zero no Kiseki manga.

Hopefully we can make up for our silence for the past few months with this new activity. For now, have a picture. This was drawn by Kitsutsuki Shinki to celebrate the first issue of the Falcom Magazine.

Change In Team?

Obviously, we were getting nothing done with our project on Gagharv. As such, I’ve made a decision to have our team changed around completely. This has been a combination of lack of work on the project that I’d wish we were working on months ago. Obviously, things prevented us from going forward with it.

We had a difference in opinions on a few things, and while this member of our team still communicates via IRC, we have gone our separate ways. I have just recently posted a ‘help wanted’ ad on, per Karura’s recommendation. Hopefully, we’ll hear back soon on it. :D

For now, since I’ve got nothing to do for the time being… I’m getting back to work on some manga. Holy crap.