Reimaging/Renaming | Dropping Sora no Kiseki | Adding Gagharv Trilogy — what? :o

So. This is the post I’m sure you all expected to see coming. I’ve talked to Akage for quite a bit about the new situation, and Varion has been very clear on his position for it as well.

We will not be continuing Sora no Kiseki, in light of XSEED’s announcement and partnership. This is because, as I have stated multiple times- Sora no Kiseki is such a huge endeavor, and if people choose to forego XSEED’s work in lieu of our own, then I’d feel awful, because they’re paying money to do this translation, whereas we aren’t. We were doing it as fans for fans. The whole oldschool fansub mantra- “by fans for fans. not for sale or rent,” you know the deal. I think it’s wrong to take money from such a great thing.

It may happen that one day, we’ll return to this project once the PSP versions have had the chance to come out and make their rounds. The PC versions are fantastic, as many people know.

Nevertheless, as you all might have guessed, this is not farewell. We have changed our name from ‘The Sora no Kiseki Translation Project’ to the name most of the manga scanslation release sites started calling us: Eidenyaku. I have changed us to that, and to ‘The Legend of Heroes Translation Project.’ What does this mean? This means we’re jumping ship to something else entirely, but not unreleated.

We are going to begin translating the Gagharv Trilogy. We had a bit of a discussion about it and the situation with the PSP games that were released by Bandai. They may have important information (due to the usage of the ‘Thirteen Workshops’ and the ‘Doll Knight’ novels in ED5 and ED6 and other similarities) for the story taking place in Zemulia.

I’m of the opinion that these are fantastic games, and a lot of us in Eidenyaku share this belief. I’m also of the belief that the script for all of Gagharv is most likely shorter than the whole of Sora no Kiseki. And after seeing White Witch’s script once before in the past, I was pretty surprised at its length in comparison. I should have a string count soon and can work up a completion chart for it.

Once we complete White Witch, we will be moving forward to Tear of Vermillion, then to Cagesong of the Ocean. I’m determined to give these games a translation they deserve, which is what Bandai *did not* do. This will also get you prepared for the advent of Trails in the Sky by XSEED. This also puts us at a fresh start where we may not be plagued with all sorts of technical issues. We learned a lot of lessons while working on Sora no Kiseki.

BUT. I’m not done yet.

Alerith has also taken it upon himself to translate a game by the name of Frane. To my knowledge, FES has successfully hacked it and Alerith has the text to it. That’s upon last check. I should leave it to him to post and tell you about the progress with it.

We will be continuing the Sora no Kiseki manga. Chapter 2 is ready for distribution, but I want Alerith to look at it one more time. It should be out tomorrow morning/afternoon. We will also be picking up and working on the Ys manga that’s currently being run on the web on Yahoo Comics. I’ll have more information on that once I’ve managed to get things up and running with it as well.

Last, but not least, you have now noticed the new website. This site has been developed utilizing WordPress, and I’m pretty happy with it. You will see the rotating banners across the top now not only include Sora no Kiseki (we can’t forget our roots, and we are still working on the manga, at least), as well as banners from the Gagharv Trilogy. I’ll soon be inserting header images for the Ys manga, Sora no Kiseki manga, and Frane as well. But that will come up for later.

It is bad news that we will be dropping Sora no Kiseki. But in the past couple of months, we have been in the process of restructuring and actually have been preparing for this since the rumors of the licensing began. We’re excited to do this restructuring and get this fresh start on things. I hope people are willing to put up with us, but I think we’re ready to get back into full gear, now that I’ve graduated and can put my best foot forward with it. I’m very sad to put this work down, after having to begin again repeatedly with it and work on it as I have. …but at the same time, there’s a sense of relief for this, both in the fact that I won’t be translating it, and in the fact that this gives the game the ability to reach a MUCH larger audience than I think we can ever hope to call to ourselves. I’m willing to have faith that XSEED will do a fantastic job with this game, however.

Thank you all for sticking with us. We hope you will be sticking with us in the future, despite our decision to drop our current project. However, from talking to XSEED via twitter on my account for Endless History- I think that it will be in very good hands.

As always, you can contact one of us through comments, our group people, or you can even drop by our IRC channel- #eidenyaku @ rizon.

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  • akage

    best news I’ve ever heard!

  • Wheee! <– Not related to anything.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to what you guys will be doing in the future so have fun and good luck with that. Also, man, WordPress is working out very well and not only that, you won't need to worry about being hacked (as much) or spam (as much) anymore!

  • cxt217

    I see that my speculation about the purpose of the change to the site was correct. I eagerly look forward to seeing the Gagharv Trilogy PC games get a translation that is worthy of the games – and allows me to play the copies I have! And having a contingency for a…revisit to the Sora no Kiseki Trilogy becomes necessary is good too.

    Also, the site looks nice.


  • ana

    I’m very dissapointed…because I look forward to Sora no Kiseki translation complete…
    I think Gagharv series is like a garbage…especially battle part…

  • Sorry to disappoint you, ana. The unfortunate thing is that I’d rather not be involved in taking potential money out of this game, when XSEED stated once before that it would be way too expensive for them to be able to handle translating.

    This is a monster of a game, and FC is the beginning of the three scripts- it’s a monster script, far larger than most other RPGs, at a whopping 50,000 strings of text. Understand a string could be anything from someone saying “yes” to a full menu, to one of the Carnelia books (Protip: each Carnelia book is a *single string*).

    If your opinion of the Gagharv trilogy comes from the PSP versions, don’t let that cloud what you think of them. All of us in Eidenyaku think these games are incredible gems, and think that Bandai did a terrible thing by misrepresenting them the way they did.

    I stand on the statement that if you want to play Sora no Kiseki translated, you will need to get the games from XSEED. Please support them in their efforts to take on this monstrous RPG.

    Again, sorry to disappoint you, but this is a decision I do not and will not regret.

  • Fei Wong

    Hi, im a huge Falcom fan from Spain and i always played all their series, i recently beated the Gagharv trilogy on PSP and i loved it, even knowing it had such horrendous script translation treatment.
    The question i have is if the translation youre doing is for the original Windows games? if thats the case i would buy them for the sake of playing them with your translation.
    Im very happy with the announcement of XSEED for the Ys Seven and LoH VI, after 4 years we can at least play FC in english!

  • Sayuri

    Well…Maybe no one knows me. I am a firm admirer of Nihon Falcom as well as its great works, especially Sora no Kiseki. I just saw some former pics about some translated scenes in the game Sora no Kiseki on swordbreaker ( (Those stuff are really awesome!~) But Now I get a bit confused. Are those pics come from your former Sora no Kiseki tramslation project? And, did you give up the translaton because the game was licenced by XSEED, which probably means that the English Sora no Kiseki will come out sooner or later as a commercial edition, officially?

    Errr, If so, how could I say? This news is neither good nor bad for me. I was so delighted to find that there is, or was a fans group capable willing to translate this mentionable game. And their work seemed just awesome. It’s a pity that your translation project was interrupted. (That’s a huge loss, I think.) But, any way, we have at least a commercial edition of Sora no Kiseki on the way to dream on. Hope it will be well translated this term.

    (Why not provide XSEED with your tanslated script so far, as a reference as least?)

  • Fei Wong:
    We’re going to be translating the PC versions of the Gagharv games. The PSP remakes have been so awfully changed from what they were originally. Only the Japanese version of White Witch held its original game engine, but when it was brought to the US, it was changed to match the other two games.

    If you look in some of our newer posts, I’ve posted a bit of a tutorial of how the engine in Tear of Vermillion works.

    As I stated above in this post, I do not want to be involved in XSEED losing any money in any way, because of just how massive the game was. Those pics are from the former translation project, you are correct. The latest post on the site on swordbreaker states that we’ve moved to this domain with changes to our lineup.

    But unlike you, I don’t see this as a great loss. I think that XSEED has the capability to reach out to such a greater number of people than we ever could. I’ve been talking to one of XSEED’s editors, and I think that the series is in great hands with her on the project.

    And XSEED’s translator is a beast. According to twitter, they have managed to surpass us quite a bit. All that needs to be done is be patient. The first game should be out early 2011.

    In return, we’ve gone around to pick up the famous Gagharv trilogy, to hopefully patch it so that people can enjoy playing this amazing game series in the way that it was originally- not how Bandai butchered it for the PSP. While we wait on the scripts for that, we’ve been doing manga scanslations. The next thing I’ll be releasing- once I get a break from homework- will most likely be the first full chapter of the Zero no Kiseki manga.

  • Emperor Bob

    I admit I’m both disappointed and overjoyed.
    Would’ve loved to see the PC version translated in all it’s high resolution glory. But having XSEED translate officially is great news, maybe sora no kiseki will finally get some good english exposure. (but don’t bet on it with psp sales figures)

    In your time translating sora no kiseki if you have created any specific tools I hope that you release them at some point.

    My PSP is already ruined and I’m not so keen on sony’s latest offerings, but damn I guess I’ll have to do something about it now.

  • Ken

    man, will google translate solve the problem of too-much-tedious translation of the whooping 50000 strings?

  • Balthasaar


    I am curious of what program you use to extract the strings and recompile the strings of the game. I’d be very happy if you tell me how to do that :)

    Since the in-game dialogue is automatically translated using AGTH+Atlas (and for further understanding, JWPCe) I want to translate the interface for my own convenience.

  • Balthasaar-

    I can’t tell you, unfortunately. I’m not much of a hacker, so I don’t know what tools our hackers have used. I do know that at least one of them has built his own compiler to be able to get in to extract and reinsert the strings, but both of them had very different outputs as a result.

  • Fabricio

    Hello !

    I’ve been waiting for Sora no Kiseki – FC in US since 2004 and i can’t tell you how happy i am with this news!
    the problem is that i was waiting for a pc version translation, wich was you were doing right ?
    i was thinking.. is there a chance of a patch for pc version after the releasing of the game in psp, since it will be already translated ?!

    Thank you very much!
    and pray for Japan! :~

  • alundra311

    I really can’t wait to play Sora no Kiseki in english ever since I’ve heard about it. I will support Xseed but I do wish you would continue translating the PC version now but release it only after the PSP version has been out in the market for a considerable amount of time (maybe a year and a half) as I’d love to play that version too. That way, the translation patch would come out right away because the patch was already finished. But I’m not sure if there would be legal issues with that if they (Falcom or Xseed) have current plans to translate the PC version. Anyway, I still respect your decision. Thank you.

  • why don’t you ppl help XSeed translate SC instead? it’s a huge(and awesome) game you see

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