It’s Been Awhile…

I know it’s been awhile since there have been any updates. I just wanted to make a note that the site had a major update on the back end to fix some issues it had. This included fixing the downloader that had broken and started throwing errors left and right.

I’ve also updated both wordpress […]

Ohnoez! Hacked?!

Not entirely. It looks like an exploit got used on the site that gained a bot or something access and compromised my site.

End result, I’ve been doing some cleanup on it, with the help of my admin with (Seriously, James there is *awesome*.)

In the process, I nuked a WHOLE BUNCH of user […]


I seriously may be breaking the layout. If I do, bear with me, as I won’t be able to fully get it running until tonight or tomorrow.

EDIT: Wow. I sure did break it. Now I need to find my header images. Oops.

The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Prestory Ring of Judgement Manga

So. As I’m getting back to work on things, one of the first things I delved into is finishing the Ring of Judgement manga. I now have the tankouban, though, which actually has two additional chapters in it. So I spent some time crying today as I had to mess with the spine in order […]

Breathing Life Into This Team

I am in the later stages of settling down after moving. I now have my degree. I have a stable job with no overtime. This means good things. I’ve been prodding at Alerith, who is on summer vacation at the moment. Then I’ve started the process of finding a new hacker for our Gagharv Trilogy […]

Change In Team?

Obviously, we were getting nothing done with our project on Gagharv. As such, I’ve made a decision to have our team changed around completely. This has been a combination of lack of work on the project that I’d wish we were working on months ago. Obviously, things prevented us from going forward with it.

We […]

Operation Superior Language?! + An update?! omg!

What is this? We have totally decided on something awesome. You’ll need to wait and see, though. Trust me. It’ll be awesome. It’ll take awhile before it comes to fruition.

Also, for an update… I’ve got translations for all of the Zero no Kiseki prestory manga. I will be working on those again once I’m […]

Missing: 1 Scanner??

I’ve got new things to scan for our work.

Except I went on a cleaning binge in my room a couple of weeks ago.

And while I know I put the scanner “out of the way”, I’m not exactly sure where “out of the way” is now. D:

User Maintenence

I deleted some suspicious users in an attempt to cut down on people hammering on the site. If I deleted any of you on accident, let me know. I can try and rollback the information.

I may also go through, soon, and change the categories/tags system around. If that happens, well… It shouldn’t be TOO […]

First Update of the Year

Now that real life is starting to lay off the punches, I’m trying to get things back together again.

Here is my current plans for Eidenyaku:

1) We’re halting the Sora no Kiseki manga until I can get my vol 1. I’m ordering two copies when I’m officially paid up, and we’re going to get […]